Prosperio Ansty, Ansty

Prosperio Ansty

January 2018 – November 2018

Contaminated Land Remediation

Buckingham Group Contracting Limited and Regenesis

£3.6m Land Regeneration Contract for a former Rolls Royce site to facilitate redevelopment of the site for industrial end use and areas of public open space.

The project entailed demolition of asbestos lagged buildings and in situ and ex situ remediation of widespread and varied contamination which included free and dissolved phase hydrocarbons, inorganic species and chlorinated solvents. Main responsibilities included producing series of remediation strategies, providing full time site supervision, monitoring and enforcing environmental health legislation for the project.

Other responsibilities included providing professional support in planning and conducting supplementary ground investigation, soil washing, soil and groundwater chemical treatment and bioremediation schemes, air, soil, ground gas and water sample collection/analysis and maintain appropriate records in order to validate the works undertaken in compliance with the requirements of the Remediation Strategies and Local Authorities statutory and environmental policies. The final duty was to produce a number of post remediation validation reports for the client and the regulatory authorities.